Kathryn Poethig wrote at January 21, 1996:
Dear Josephine,

This is so long in coming that I’m sure you have forgotten us. We have not forgotten you. This January 30, the Center for women and Religion delegation is meeting to continue a conversation on strategies for keeping UN NGO Forum on Women alive in the world and in our hearts.

Each of us have give many presentations more than 50 total. And you are remembered with fondness in each of them, if not by name, then by the way in which we describe the great bonding of our group and a “Teflon” trip (smooth and easy-going) at a price we were able to afford. As many in our group were seminary students and grassroots activists, this was great advantage. We thank you for all the time you took to put the trip together, and the way you attended to our needs. Please pass on a special praise to “Monica King” (her English name) our guide.

Because of your great success in that trip to China, I solicited you help with a small delegation of six GTU faculty who were traveling through China just a month after I returned in September. Once again, you were able to put together a trip whose itinerary kept changing. And it was, once again, a “Teflon” trip. The more seasoned members of the delegation, who had been to China several time and knew that anything could go wrong, were astonished at their good fortune.

Thank you for your good work. I wish you many great years of successful travel.


Kathryn Poethig
Associate Director
Asia Pacific Bridges Project
Irene Williams and Barbara Wiedner wrote at September 29, 1995:
Dear Josephine,

This is a letter to express our appreciation of your skillful and considerate guidance on our recent trip to China. We have commented many times on the way you managed to handle every detail for each of us on the trip. Obviously it is not easy to cope with all the requests and last minute changes that have to be made when you are taking care of so many practical necessities.

We felt very lucky to have had the best of accommodations throughout the journey, and we also had excellent guides along the tour route when visiting so many wonderful places. Enclosed are a few pictures for your interest including a few shots taken with our guides. Please give special greetings to Ms. Emily Lee, as she was most helpful all along the way and most pleasing to be with.

Also enclosed is an article I wrote for one of the local papers which mentions our Tour company, with reference to only one of the groups you were responsible for…the Red and White groups staying at the Transportation Training Center. Our treatment there was also excellent, and the service by the young Chinese hotel workers was most gracious. We especially enjoyed the young women who helped us with our bundles on the evening return from the conferences. The baby in the newspaper picture was riding with mother and grandmother on the return flight from Beijing.

With the greetings of

Irene Williams and Barbara Wiedner

Grandmothers for Peace
2950 Marconi Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821 Elk Grove, CA
Ruth Gottstein wrote at September 20, 1995:
Dear Josephine Lam

I want to express my gratitude to you for the magnificent job in leading our tour to Beijing. I realize that you had many unforeseen problems, undoubtedly, many difficult situations came up that you had to cope with. The trip itself was a bargain; our hotel was really deluxe… and I speak as one who travels a lot.

I can assure you that I plan to use you as a travel agent whenever possible in the future.

With warmest best regards,

Ruth Gottstein, Publisher

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